Can Candle Magic Really Help Manifest your Goals?

Can Candle Magic Really Help Manifest your Goals?

Do you remember the first time you blew out a candle sat atop a gloriously decorated cake? It was your birthday, a magical day indeed, and you were told to close your eyes, make a wish, and blow out the small flickering flame. Maybe the wish came true, maybe it didn’t – who knows? However, if you participated in this typical birthday tradition, then congratulations, you just used Candle Magic.

Yes, blowing out cake-nestled candles whilst making a wish is no different than using candles to assist in manifesting your goals. Whether you are casting a spell, saying a prayer, or making a wish, candles are one of the easiest methods used to help us focus on exactly what it is we want: whether it’s a new job, a new lover, or hell, a multi-million dollar empire where you’re CEO and making the world that little bit more glam with their almost impossibly perfect skin.

Ok, maybe that last one is just me!

Using candles to get what we want isn’t new in our lives, but we don’t have to wait for our birthdays to use them. If you’re like me, you have plenty of candles lying around the house, ready to be lit and waiting to hear of your ambitions, dreams, prayers, wishes and spells.

How candles work to help us manifest these intents is quite simple: we use them to focus all our thoughts onto one singular goal which we aspire to. We block out everything else and simply focus on that one, single, intention.

That’s all prayers, spells, and wishes are after all – single minded focus on a singular goal.

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What is Candle Magic?

When we actively focus our minds onto a singular goal, say it out loud, using our words to give it shape and form, we are creating a focus for ourselves which then becomes a part of our everyday lives. That singular, focused thought will start affecting the choices we make, the behaviours we exhibit.

By acknowledging and focusing on what we want, on our goals and our intent, we start to create and live that reality. When we start to live that reality, we start to attract the forces that will help shape this reality, and we will be consciously aware of opportunities relating to this reality.

So what do we do to make this happen, how do we give our intent shape and form, and what do we do with the candles? It’s simple:

Next time you go to light a candle, think about something you want, something you want to accomplish or create. Put that thought into words – give it shape. As you light the candle, say those words out loud – make them real. Watch the flame for a minute or so as you repeat those words out loud, ensuring that you give meaning and passion to each and every word.

Now, every time you light that particular candle, repeat those same words, that same ritual, giving power to your thoughts, goals, and intent.

During our day to day lives its incredibly easy to lose control over this, that or the other, or to put aside our dreams due to distraction by our overwhelmingly busy modern world. But if we take the time to light a candle, and use that time to remind ourselves of what it is we want, and what it is we want to achieve?

Well, whether it’s magic or psychology, I think it’s important we don’t lose sight of our ambitions, and any tip, trick, life hack, spell, prayer or wish we can use to maintain that focus, seems like a pretty good idea to me.

Whether you believe in magic, a higher power, or nothing in particular, focusing our intentions and our goals is important if we want to achieve them. And given how easy it is to light a candle, well, what have you got to lose?

xx Bry Jaimea

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