Brunch with Bry Jaimea: September

Brunch with Bry Jaimea: September

Happy last day of September, and welcome to Brunch with Bry Jaimea, which is essentially a rebranding of my usual monthly update!

I would mention just how swiftly this year is seeming to pass us by, but I am sure you’re all aware of this already, alternating between stressing and rejoicing of the fact it’s almost Christmas.

Oh yeah, I went there.

Anyway, September was definitely a month of halves for me, as I only spent two weeks in the office, and the other two weeks taking a well needed break. After our brief trip to the mainland, I spent my days home alone, enjoying the view out over the small hill I can see from my living room, and smiling at the streaks of rain as they dribbled down the window panes.

View from the bedroom, hence the lack of aforementioned hill, sorry.

During this downtime, I’ve spent some time refamiliarising myself with a lot of my favourites songs (a playlist known only as “Writing” in which any song added, is never removed – only skipped) which I don’t get to listen to that often anymore. Between Ben and myself, the TV is pretty much always on, and so being home alone I made the conscious choice to mp3 rather than mp4.

I write better when listening to music – I know the songs on this playlist so deeply and intimately that they can seduce my soul and inspire my words without much attention needed, whereas TV tends to demand my attention, meaning any writing pretty much ceases to happen.

Anyway, writing habits and downtime aside, here’s a bit of a round-up of how September treated me, and if you’re preparing for an exciting or somewhat entertaining post, you’re going to be slightly disappointed.

Baby Stuff

I’m going to start by talking about Maia a little, because my fierce little panther furbaby deserves some love. So, whilst we were away we had a friend flat and cat sit. Upon our return, Maia has not left my side and is giving me even more cuddles than usual, which I ain’t complaining about at all.

Very blurry, very old pic because she hates having her photo taken.

Maia has even adapted her bedtime routine so that she gets even more cuddles than previously. This does mean I have less time to get comfortable in bed before she flops all over me, but again, who’s complaining?

She has also discovered smoked salmon and is all over that.

In the realm of real human babies though: on the flight home from Berlin, I was sat next to a lady travelling alone with her 6mo baby girl. Obviously struggling, I did what any person would do in this situation and offered to help, which meant holding the tiny little thing every now and then, whilst the mother did what she had to do: get out nappies, buy some water, get comfortable, and simply take a break. The little girl was so well behaved and calm, and loved all the smiles, cuddles and attention she was receiving.

If anyone needs a babysitter…

Birthday Stuff

It was Ben’s birthday on Monday (he’s now officially in his late-twenties), and his Mum’s birthday on Tuesday, which meant on Sunday we headed to Fanny Trollopes in Finnieston for a celebratory dinner. If you live in Glasgow and have never had the opportunity to visit FT, I highly recommend it! The staff are friendly (I was told my outfit was amazing, so you know, I’m not biased at all), and the food is delicious.

Ok, ok, so I need a new camera… ?

For Ben, I bought him a wallet for his new iPhone, the UK Edition of Cards Against Humanity (a game I am frighteningly good at) and a Mogwai – The Hawk is Howling vinyl, despite our lack of record player (we’re getting one at Christmas).

For Ben’s birthday dinner, I cooked him his favourite Chinese braised beef, which if you’re a fan of Chinese food is something you should definitely try out.

For the M-I-L, we bought her a Ted Baker bracelet (which I’m tempted to buy for myself, also) and a small porcelain bell from Berlin, because, well, you can’t not buy family presents, y’know?

Buyin’ Stuff

I decided to take the plunge this month and buy a few things for around the house I’ve been desperately wanting for a while now, ranging from a bookshelf for the living room to a new curtain rail in the bedroom to replace a grotesque timber monstrosity I’ve been living with for the past 18 months.

Our flat is fully furnished which means it’s a slow process in replacing/storing items because there’s no real necessity (other than aesthetically) for replacing anything. However, during the tenancy I have replaced a lot because a girl can only live with design choices made in the 80’s for so long..

I also bought some new pillows as ours were pretty much dead and beyond resuscitation, and pillows are one of those things I find I tend to forget about, considering I’m asleep when I’m using them, y’know? However, we’re sleeping even sweeter now!

Blog Stuff

Firstly: A big shout out to Tiara from DGGYST for Buttoning me for the month of September. You are wonderful, and thank you so much x

Anyhoow, so you may have noticed a few technical issues over the past few days and that’s because I have finally gone self hosted! This means a lot of behind the scenes work has been happening, and a lot more creative freedom in regards to the blog has made its way into my life.

So, really super important questions I’d really appreciate your advice on:

  • What have you thought of the content over the past month or so?
  • What suggestions or advice can you offer on improving my reach?
  • Any other suggestions in relation to the blog?

I would love to hear your thoughts xx

Anyway my lovelies, that’s it from me and my September – did you get up to much?







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