Brunch with Bry Jaimea: November Update

Brunch with Bry Jaimea: November Update

Ok, so I’m posting this a little bit early this month but that’s because I’m taking a break this week – Hooray!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m one of those people that never stop:  I’m always working on something. In fact, when Ben and I booked a wee trip to the Fife coast for this week, I had a list the length of my arm for content creation.

Yes, I booked a week off my full time work to relax by the coast, and planned a busy week of blogging work for it! That’s hardly relaxing, is it?

Now, I may not stop, but I do recognise the need to slow down.

As such, I made a conscious decision that there will be no updates to the blog this week, no new content, nothing. I won’t be doing any writing, or editing, and will simply allow myself to relax.

Sure, I’ll be updating my InstaStories and Twitter, but to me those are more social endeavours than content creation, so I figured that’s allowable.

Right? Right.

Usually in these monthly updates I go into detail about what has happened over the past few weeks, but with the exception of this amazing dinner, my month has been relatively low key despite being incredibly busy.

Oh, I did make some more aesthetic changes to the blog – what do you think?

Otherwise, rather than looking to the past let’s look to the future!

More specifically…

Blogmas Update

With Christmas rapidly approaching, I also thought I’d take this update to let you know what I’m planning for the next month.

And, to be honest – not much.

I had planned to do Blogmas this year, which is like an Advent Calendar for your blog where you post new content every day. Unfortunately, I simply haven’t had the capacity to work on this over the past few weeks.

As mentioned above, I work full time and blog part time, so don’t always get the time to create the content I want to.

Those bloggers who do both and are doing Blogmas this year – respect!

I am planning to post at least three times a week during the Christmas period though, so although it may not be new content every day, there’ll still be something for you all.

Anyway my lovelies, it’s time for me to put my feet up and enjoy my double-strength green tea! Enjoy your week, and stay in touch on Instagram and Twitter!

xx Bry Jaimea

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