[THE STYLE EDIT] Court your BOSS self in 2018!

[THE STYLE EDIT] Court your BOSS self in 2018!

Oh, were you looking for a “New Year, New Me” style post?


Yes, my first blog post for the year is about shoes because, well, it’s unapologetically me.

However, isn’t it funny how when we lose our confidence there’s always signs, there’s always little tells of what we’re going through but no one else knows what these tells are.

For me, it’s my footwear.

The last few months of 2017 saw my shoe collection stop its expansion as a general lack of confidence got the better of me. I had stopped being my boss self, I had given in, wearing nought on my feet but a pair of sensible black pumps.

Leading up to Christmas I realised that somehow my dramatic-shoe soul had quietened down and my usual gritty personality had been compromised. Thankfully, I was given these absolute beast of a heel for Christmas, and my eyes lit up like a lighthouse on a stormy night, and I felt the heat of my red hot boss blood start streaming once more through my veins.


Yes, they are absolutely impractical with their feather upper and velvet heel, and wearing them anywhere in Glasgow is pretty much an impossibility. BUT, they’re gorgeous and if anyone can give these fluffy delights the life they deserve, it’s me.

After finding these fiery red heels in my Christmas stocking, I felt my confidence, my drive once more shift into gear and I promptly hit the sales to treat myself to a few other beheeled delights, of equal eccentricity and glamour.

Entering 2018 (why hello there new year!) with this renewed je ne sais quoi, and a renewed passion for life, I realised I am entering this new year with not only my best foot forward, but my best shoe too.

Yet, as party season is essentially over, and now we’re back into the usual swing of things, back to the office, back to the daily grind, we’re expected to put those stunning, glittering heels of December behind us, and replace them with something a bit more sensible.

But who has time for sensible shoes?

Who says you can’t wear fiery red feathered mules or velvet leopard peep toes to the office?

I say live your best life, wear your best shoes, make no excuses and give no reasons to be anything but the glamest gal you can be.

Put your best foot forward, and take 2018 by the horns and tell it who’s boss!

These are my picks of gorgeously glamourous, slightly eccentric, compliment guaranteed, boss heels you need in 2018, to take this year by storm!


Can you guess which of these heels I already own?

If you don’t find your confidence in these heels, let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can find for you next month!

xx Bry Jaimea

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