Personal Blog Update

Hello readers! TGIF, am I right?

Anyhoo, the purpose of this post is basically to say I’m going to be taking a wee hiatus from the blog.

Blogging takes a lot of energy – emotional, psychological, creative and physical – and at the moment I simply don’t have the energy to keep this going.

It’s very likely I’ll continue to post recipes, cause no way in hell am I going to stop cooking (I like food too much!), however, posts regarding wellness, self-care, and shoes are going to be affected by the hiatus.

Speaking of wellness, I’ve spoken at length on my anxiety and OCD, but have never really touched on my depression.

I have severe depression and have had for a very long time, since I was a child in fact, and although I have learned to keep it under wraps to the point it rarely affects my life, these days it’s getting harder to manage and my techniques for managing it have become more harmful than beneficial.

Basically, it’s now just me and a chemical imbalance in my brain having to figure out a way to live together that has no negative repercussions, and that takes a lot of energy – energy I would have otherwise put into the blog.

So, right now it is far more important for me to focus on my mental wellbeing and my relationships with not only myself but with others. Once I have done that I will try find a way to allow myself the energy to keep this blog going.

I may still post from time to time, but it is very likely these posts will be more diary style entries, as opposed to anything else. I am also planning to spend this time to get back into my first passion – writing – and getting back into working on my novel (which I haven’t touched in 6 months). If you are interested in my short stories or poetry, they can be viewed here.

Thank you for your understanding x