Book Review: Advanced Style: Older & Wiser by Ari Seth Cohen

Book Review: Advanced Style: Older & Wiser by Ari Seth Cohen

Note: I have unsubscribed from Reading in Heels due to their false advertising, rudeness on social media, and more importantly uses a rapist to promote their brand. When I raised my concern regarding the above I was told to unfollow them, and not to get “overexcited”.

I’m completely disgusted by the brand and cannot support them further.

Originally, this monthly review was going to be about my Reading in Heels subscription box which I typically look forward to each month. However, November’s box was terrible, and I’ll touch on that below. Instead this will simply be a monthly review of whatever book has caught my eye. This month I’ll be discussing Advanced Style: Older & Wiser by Ari Seth Cohen.

First though, what was so “terrible” (yes, I am being a bit dramatic, I know) about this month’s Reading in Heels subscription box? Well, RiH claims that they carefully select a contemporary fiction novel each month with no chick lit or crime to be found. Yet the book I received was a crime novel set in the Victorian era and based on real events. Hardly contemporary fiction, y’know what I mean?

Now, I love reading, but I am not a fan of the crime or murder mystery genre. Sure, I love some Poirot on tv, but I doubt I’ll ever pick up an Agatha Christie novel.

It’s just not my cup of tea.

Anyway, despite my reservations in regards to attempting to read a crime novel, on a recent train trip to Edinburgh I decided to give this months novel a go none the less. I made it 20 pages into the book before I decided staring out of the window for an hour was going to be more appealing to my interests.

If a book can’t grab my attention in the first 20 pages, there’s no hope for it, or for me, lbh.

Crime novels aside, let’s talk about what I have been reading.

Advanced Style: Older & Wiser by Ari Seth Cohen

The book that caught my attention is called Advanced Style: Older & Wiser and is the second book in a project by author and photographer Ari Seth Cohen. ARC captures images and stories from some of New Yorks most stylish elders, and is nothing short but a delightful experience.

ASC’s project aims to fill the age gap in fashion left by the media, and dashes the belief that glamour ends the second we get a wrinkle or two. The project is also on available on his blog and documentary of the same name, where the lives and wardrobes of these enigmatic eccentric elders are on display for us all to see (and covet!).

I first became aware of the project thanks to the video below which was on my “recommended” YouTube feed a while back. Absolutely enchanted by Valerie Von Sobel’s beauty and confidence, I needed to know more and so quickly hit up Amazon so I could know more about these forces of style and sophistication.

The pages within this tome are dedicated to the vogueish lives of the fabulous men and women that make up New Yorks senior set. Some of their stories involve heartbreak, others use it as a means to highlight their philanthropy and advertising the causes they support. It’s a delicious insight into the lives of the rich and not-so-famous (in our circles, at least!) with names like Chanel and Dior dropped as if they were simply a brother or sister (rather than just a label).

These are the lives and styles of the glamourous, or people who are at that age where they no longer care about fashion but style. There’s no elasticised waistbands in these wardrobes, no disposable fashion. With age comes wisdom, and as these photos and stories prove to be true – pure style.

What are you reading this month? Are you a fan of crime novels?

xx Bry Jaimea

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