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5 reasons I love your blog

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One of the first things I do in the morning, whilst sipping my uber-strenghted cup of green tea, is open up Bloglovin’, and check out what’s happening in the Bloggersphere. It’s an enjoyable half an hour, living (vicariously), learning, and loving the bright and amazing lives of so many strong women around the world.

However, every now and then I come across a post about why some blogger or another doesn’t read “my” blog, and invariably, these posts get me thinking not only how I can improve my own blog to inspire more readers, but also:

Hmm…” I think to myself. “Why don’t I read people’s blogs? What makes me unsubscribe, or continue Stumblin’?”

And then the thought occurs to me that focusing on why I stop reading a blog was not only a bit destructive and unhelpful to a community already filled with negativity, but that there were far more reasons why I do read a blog, and become a follower rather than not.

One of my favourite quotes that I remind myself every day both personally and professionally, is a quote from Dita von Teese:

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”

Ripest Peach

No matter how hard you try, no matter how good you are someone out there ain’t going to like what you do. So it’s only natural that not all blogs are going to appeal to everyone. It may not be your content, your aesthetic, your writing style that doesn’t inspire or enchant people, but simply because you can’t appeal to everyone.

It’s a logistical improbability.

I truly believe that everyone out there has a market and is loved by at least one person, so because  I want to share the love, these are the reasons why I read and follow your blog:

1. You’re relatable

You may be blonde and tanned or raven haired and pale (I’m blonde and pale… the pic in the sidebar is deceiving!), but if I can relate to you on some level, I’ll read your blog.

It might be your humour, your love of shoes, or your neurotic conversation, but if I laugh, find myself nodding along, or feel inspired to comment – I’ll be following you on Bloglovin’ in no time.

2. You’re super easy to follow

Are you on Twitter and Bloglovin? Chances are I’ll follow you and read your blog – especially Bloglovin’ as it’s a one stop shop for following content. Sure, it’s ridiculous if you’re looking for something new, but fabulous for keeping up to date with your new content. Twitter is also fab for this, especially if you’ve got a bright image to catch my eye to remind me to catch up on whatever is going on in your life.

Facebook and Instagram, with their stupid algorithms, make it difficult to be informed of your more recent posts, so I probably won’t follow you on either of those. Sorry!

3. You’re personable

This is super different to being relatable – being relatable means I can relate to you because we both like shoes and wine, but being personable means I am actually getting to know you, your personality, and your life. I want to know all about your furbabies, your holidays, and your crazy relationship with your SO, though in a non-stalkery way, obvs.

Also, if you actually reply to comments and build rapport with your readers, that’s bonus points.

4. You’re informative

You may be posting about makeup, or how to make salad last forever (ok, a week or so in the fridge), but if you’re teaching me something I don’t already know, or something I do know but am happy other people also know and my OCD isn’t as bad as I’m lead to believe by my work colleagues, once again I’ll be clicking that tiny ➕ or ❤.

Or, you might just write hilarious posts on getting your shit together.

5. You’re a great writer

If you write posts that are longer than a simple, lone paragraph, or if you write posts that encourage me to keep reading – I’ll keep coming back. Now, being a great writer isn’t about being a literary genius, it simply means you write from the heart in a warm and engaging way.

You don’t have to be writing perfect prose for me to love your writing, you simply have to write.

So that’s it, that’s why I am following you, commenting on your posts, and loving the words you write! I don’t care about your photos or your layout: if you are an inspirational blogger with something to say, I’ll be along for the ride.

xx Bry Jaimea




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  • Great post Bry 😊. I just loved it so much !!

  • I totally do not have a bloglovin account, I guess I gotta get one! I try to incorporate a little tid bit about myself into every post I write, but it can be hard to do! Like you said, the internet can be a scary place, especially for a woman, and while I love people to feel like they don’t have to agree with me ( mostly because I am constantly wrong lol) I do not so much like being threatened to be “raped in your face” ( which happened last week, yikes) So I am slowly dipping my personal toe into these murky deep waters. This post was great, Bry you are a beautiful writer and apparently a blonde, who knew lol!

    • Oh my fucking god, someone threatened you? Were you able to block them, etc? That kind of behaviour is so unnecessary! Like seriously, wtf is wrong with people? I heard recently that online threats are going to start being treated the same as IRL threats, though not sure what country that’s going to be put into place, or when.
      I’m glad you’re keeping on though, all threats aside, because the internet would be that much smaller without your unique and hilarious view xx
      Aaw, thanks lovely! And yeah, I went back to blonde a week or so ago. I’ll be posting a post about it soon, when I repair the hairdressers fuckup, that is!

      • Hairdressers, I swear to god, why can’t a find a good one? I just have my sister cut and color my hair as needed anymore, I’ve given up. But yes, We want pics! And I promise not to threaten to rape you when I see them! It seems like it’s not too much to ask, but this is the interwebs.

  • Aw well thank you for including my post, I’m glad you found it informative! I completely agree with all of your reasons. Easy to follow being top on my list- if you make me work for it, I probably won’t remember to come back on my own.

    • You’re welcome – I’m so glad I found your blog when I did!

  • Aw mate, I have the warm and fuzzies. And some great recommendations to check out <3

    • You’re an amazing writer and you deserve recognition, even if it is in a wee, tiny lil’ blog xx

  • 100% agree with this (and yours ticks all those boxes) x

    • Oh you!! Thank you x
      I was going to link to yours (under great writing), but because it’s quite a personal blog, wasn’t sure if you’d feel comfortable with that.

      • So kind and lovely to hear – thanks x

  • I absolutely loved this post. I always am coming across posts that talk about how to improve your blog, what you are doing WRONG, etc. This was just a great post that I agree with. I started blogging for personal reasons, and my goal when blogging is to make sure it still sounds like me. Bisous! 🙂

    • So glad you liked it! I think it’s so important to stay true to your own voice when blogging, and also to stay positive and encourage others. There’s too much drama in the world, we should be celebrating each others achievements, not telling each other how to be better! xx

  • I love this! It’s funny because there are definite reasons I click off of a blog or skim through posts-but I never really thought about making sure I’m not doing those things too!

  • I love this ooh so much These really are understandably valid reasons… so I went and got a bloglovin account…lol…I am new to this still learning as I go…So thanks for the bloglovin tip…

    Totally unrelated: Please tell me that is a Blow Job pun… I cracked myself up… hopefully I haven’t just outed myself on having a dirty mind…

    • Do share the link to your Bloglovin so I can follow along, please!

      Also, uh… blow job pun? Have I missed something? Is this the Dita quote? Am I so daft I never realised it was about sex?! 😱 (I feel so embaressed right now)

      • I see you found it… (before me… *facepalm* lol) still trying to gain some footing on there… So that BJ — your actual initials- wasn’t really a play on BJ–Blow Job…? So it really is my dirty mind…??? Please say it isn’t so…

        • There are so many different things associated with blogging that wrapping your head around it is just exhausting sometimes! You’re doing amazing though from the looks of it x

          Yep, it’s your dirty mind 😂
          My name’s Bry Jaimea (double barrel first name, lucky me!) so yeah… BJ are my initials… My parents weren’t the most switched on of people 😕

  • Thank you for the include! I needed to read this today. I feel exactly the same way. I couldn’t care less if someone has the latest stuff for review or has won a load of awards. I like to read blogs from people who are relatable to me, different from the swathes of others and whose posts I actually look forward to and look out for.

    • You’re welcome! You know I love your writing 😍

  • Thank you! I just feel like there’s so many “Why I don’t read your blog” posts, we needed an injection of positivity xx

  • Thank you for this post! There are so many “why I leave your blog” posts and they’re so smug and negative so this was really nice and affirming. Especially as most reasons people don’t read blogs is “it’s not relevant to me”- I like reading blogs of any topic or niche as long as they’re relatable!

    Ada x

    • Thank you for commenting! I’m glad you enjoyed it – there’s too much negativity in the world, and being positive and encouraging costs nothing xx