5 bad habits that are holding you back from success!

5 bad habits that are holding you back from success!

Hey babes, is anyone else feeling more energised lately?


Inspired by life?

Well, I don’t know about you but I definitely am. The past few weeks I’ve felt this passionate fire burning within me to be better, do more, and not only grab the bull by the horns, but ride that rodeo!

The books are piling up at home, and the list of podcasts to listen to is growing steadily as I am absorbing everything I can in order to do a little self-improvement: I want to be the best version of me, you know what I mean?

But have you noticed that no matter how hard we want to improve ourselves, sometimes it can be so difficult to accomplish no matter what we do?

That’s because we’re got some bad habits and life practices that are holding us back, and we can’t move forward if the path to success is blocked by bad habits!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been really focussing on the bad habits in my life and working on not only breaking them, but on improving the aspects of my life they touch on.

These changes have left me feeling so much more focused and motivated and my efficiency levels which were already pretty high, are now pretty damn gurrl! high. The satisfaction of efficiency, empowerment, and progress is so rewarding, and is incentive enough to start reassessing my bad habits.

So what exactly are bad habits?

Well, they’re anything that prevent you from living your happiest, healthiest, and most successful life.

Every person, even the most successful people, has bad habits. But you know what successful people do with their bad habits? They look at them and they say buh-bye, bish! Not today!

They work towards continual improvement.

Below I’ve listed 5 bad habits that prevent success, and could be holding you back and preventing you from being the best you possible, the successful you, and how to tell them to hit the road, without looking back.

Oh, and be sure to let me know in the comments if any of these ring true for you!

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5 bad habits that are holding you back from success

Being Consistently Late

Being late is rude and inexcusable in today’s digital world: there’s no excuse to be late these days when there’s apps that tell us when the next bus or train is, that advise us of breakdowns and service issues. And of course, as our phones always showing the time accurately, we always know our ETA.

Being consistently late not only damages your reputation, but is also disrespectful of other peoples time. Although sometimes running late is unavoidable (traffic jams, etc) it’s really important not only for your reputation, but for the stress levels of others, to focus on and improve your time management.

Because at the end of the working day, if people think you can’t manage your own time, then they’re going to start thinking you’re unreliable, and when people start to think you’re unreliable? Well, there goes that promotion!


“Why do today what you can do tomorrow” is the bane of my life, because with a mentality like that you’ll always put off everything. And what happens if you keep putting things off? You end up with a looming deadline and an unmanageable workload! This of course leads to a stressed out panic as you try to get everything done all at once.

Rather than procrastinating, it’s easier to break down a larger task, or in fact any task, into smaller more manageable pieces and doing these smaller pieces of work as and when they arise. Take cleaning for an example: if you wash the dishes immediately after use, it means you won’t have a massive pile of dishes to be done at the end of the week.

Procrastination causes stress, whereas completing tasks as they arise? Instant gratification of a job done and dusted!

Comparing yourselves to others

No one can do you, other than you. It’s so easy to get trapped into comparing yourself to others, however just as no one can do you, you can’t do anyone else but you.

If you see someone you admire, rather than comparing yourself to them and thus causing a massive self-esteem conflict, why not figure out exactly what it is about them you appreciate, and use that information to improve yourself? Use that person as inspiration not competition!

Comparing yourself to others will do nothing but leave you feel worse off, however, working towards a goal based off inspiration? It’ll motivate and energise you.

Not getting enough sleep

Let’s be real for a moment: chances are you’re not getting enough sleep and not because of insomnia. As adults, we need anything from seven to nine hours sleep per night, but how many of us fall asleep immediately upon hitting the hay? Exactly.

Using the assumption that we need eight hours sleep per night, we tend to go to bed allowing ourselves only eight hours before we’re up and at it again. This doesn’t allow for discomfort, toilet breaks, or the all too familiar alarm anxiety, which means although we’re in bed eight hours, we’re not getting eight hours sleep.

Go to bed an hour earlier of an evening and chances are you’ll find yourself thinking clearer, feeling better, and generally being a lot more productive the following morning.

Avoiding change

They say that change is as good as a holiday, and I couldn’t agree more. Without change there is no growth, no room for learning nor development, and given change is a constant, avoiding it can mean bad things for your life in general.

Think of it like this: A gentle summer stream is constantly changing, moving, growing, where as a puddle remains stagnant and slowly shrinks beneath the sun. Which would you rather be? Although change can be something to be fearful of, embracing change, even small changes, will help you develop and evolve as a person, and at the end of the day, who doesn’t want personal development?

Next time you’re offered a new job, a new opportunity, a new relationship, and you feel the fear of change hit you – just remember that even the smallest of summer streams leads to the ocean of opportunity.

I know bad habits can not only be difficult to recognise, but really hard to quit! Thankfully, ditching bad habits os more than worth it when you see the positive changes that will start flourishing in your life.

What are your bad habits? Let’s have a chat and help each other change our lives for the better, one bad habit at a time!

xx Bry Jaimea

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