3 Ways I’m Keeping Cosy This Winter

3 Ways I’m Keeping Cosy This Winter

It’s snowing here in Scotland! Hooray!

Many Australians haven’t experienced snow, not having had the chance to either travel overseas or visit the Australian Alps. Lucky for me, most schools in New South Wales have a school “camp” out to Canberra with a short stop to the snow in around year 6, which was my first and only exposure to the white fluffy stuff prior to my relocation to the UK.

Snow is a glorious thing to watch as it doesn’t seem to fall, but dance upon draughts of air as it makes its gentle, gradual decline. Watching the swaying swathes of snow can be almost hypnotic, and as it blankets the ground, it creates a vivid contrast against black branches, the leaves of ever greens, and brown and black roof-tiles alike.

Snow may be pretty but it’s also bloody cold, and that’s something as an Aussie I’m having to get used to. Sure, it’s nice to watch, but it also means I am sitting at my desk, all rugged up, and Maia has burrowed herself into the duvet, despite the heating being on.

So, it’s snowing, I’m cold, it’s only going to get colder, let’s put Hygge aside for the moment, and talk how I plan to keep warm this winter!

Rug Up

I pretty much live in my Velvet Plush Primark Leggings in winter and have no qualms wearing them not only around the house, but to Tesco or the Off-Licence if needs be. They may not be glamourous, but damn they are warm! They’re not just your usual leggings, they’re lined with a plush, soft velvety-ness that is just so, super comfy.

From Primark, I also have a pair of oversized fluffy pyjamas that do a pretty good job of keeping me nice and toasty, and if that’s not enough an equally as fluffy, fleece lined robe from New Look, and my glittery slippers from Ted Baker (yes, I have child-sized feet) keep me comfy.

Needless to say in winter, I live in loungewear and pyjamas.


Eat and Drink Up

Now now, put down the whisky! That’s not the type of drinking I meant! Although whisky, or even mulled wine, can keep me warm, I prefer to stick to tea – whether it’s builders tea, chai tea, or a matcha latte. There is something indelibly cosy about being curled up on the sofa, warm cup of tea in hand, reading a book.

If tea isn’t your thing, then try some rich, hearty soups to warm you from the inside out – check out my archives for some delicious soup recipes! Casseroles and anything slow cooked are also a great way to warm you up, and a little effort always goes a long way when a slow cooker is involved. Something about the rich, textural sauces that are created via the slow cooking process, makes them stick to your bones and make you feel so much warmer and relaxed.

Of course, if you want to have a glass of mulled wine, here’s a recipe so you can make it at home!

Cuddle Up

Ben and I don’t live together, but that just means whenever he’s not here to cuddle with (i.e. sit on my feet to keep them warm), I have Maia in my lap, snuggled up, keeping us both snug. So, grab your boyfriend, girlfriend, pet, or teddy, then grab a comfy blanket, put your favourite movie or TV series. Settle down on the sofa, cuddle up with each other, and enjoy your time simply relaxing, staying warm and close. Nothing will warm your body, heart and soul than a cuddle with your favourite person, pet or teddy, and when it comes to winter, nothing is more fulfilling than the closeness it can bring with others.

So, that’s how I am planning to keep warm this winter – what about you?

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