3 Reasons to Love Sydney

3 Reasons to Love Sydney

Happy meteorological Autumn! Ok, I know I’m a bit late, and I know many people don’t consider it Autumn until the Equinox on 21 September (known as Astrological Autumn), but I want to squeeze as much Autumn into my life as possible. The trees outside my living room window have already started to turn amber, and my favourite street in our area (which I don’t live on but wish I did) is already lined with a golden litter of leaves. I’ve purchased my first scarf for the season too! What do you think?

Pink Scarf from New Look

Anyway, I want to talk to you today about Sydney. I had the absolute joy and pleasure of growing up in Sydney and not a day goes by when I don’t thoroughly miss it. In fact, the other week depression came to pay me a visit, and all I could think about was being with my friends back home.

Strangely enough though, in Australia, Sydney doesn’t have the best reputation, but I’ve found it’s the people who have never been to Sydney who dislike it.

Once you go to Sydney, you never want to leave.

Case in point: Once upon a time I was living in Brisbane and dating a guy there who hated Sydney (though had never been). His brother married a Sydney person (oh hi Jayde! <3) and we headed down for a visit, with much protesting mind you, for an extended weekend away. I showed this guy my Sydney, the Sydney I love and adore, and by the end of the weekend away, when we returned to Brisbane it was quickly decided that we would move there within the next six months.

See? Even haters love Sydney once they get to know it!

But what is it about Sydney that makes so many people fall in love with the city? It has a reputation for being a rat race, for being non-stop, for its people being rude, and for generally being a large, dirty city. But is that reputation deserved?

I know it’s not, so today I am going to share with you three things to love about Sydney, and why you need to pack your bags and get going!

Three Reasons to Love Sydney – Australia’s biggest city! Sydney has a bad reputation that isn’t deserved. From food to fashion, there’s always something to do in Sydney and this mini travel guide and guide to Sydney will help you decide where to eat and shop next. It’s time to travel to Sydney! Pinterest via bryjaimea.com @bryjaimea #sydney #australia #travel #adventure #holiday #vacation #newsouthwales #thingstodo #thingstosee #travelguide #food #wheretoeat #fashion #style

3 Reasons to Love Sydney

The Food

Remember the guy I mentioned above? Well, here’s another story regarding that doofus. His first day working in Sydney CBD (on Market Street for those in the know) he bought KFC for lunch which was about a twenty minute walk from his office. Absolutely bewildered why he’d do so, he explained that he couldn’t find anything else to eat anywhere. Oh how I laughed. I laughed and then listed about five food courts that were literally across the road from his office – all he had to do was go down (or up) a set of escalators.

See, Sydney is absolutely full of food and places to eat, and none of it is boring. Being a multicultural city, if you have a craving, you can easily find somewhere to fulfil it in one of the dozens of food courts that you can find within the city. There’s authentic Chinese, Indian, Italian, Green, Thai, Japanese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Danish, Croatian, Serbian, Russian, French, Turkish, Lebanese, etc etc, food to be delighted in and all of it is bloody delicious.

But it’s not just food courts that Sydney has to offer, but some of the country’s most premier dining establishments, if you’re into something a little bit more refined than Short Soup. In both the heart of the city, the city fringe, and the outer suburbs of Sydney (which extend for over 20 km from the CBD with many satellite cities with their own booming industries) you’ll never be short of places to eat.

Sydney has a focus on fresh produce, authentic and fusion cuisine, loves its food and is a major part of the lifestyle of most Sydneysiders, so trust me when I say the Sydney Stone is real for visitors!

The Fashion

Oh my goodness, Australian fashion is amazing, and you won’t find anything like it here in the UK, although Ted Baker is close (hence why I adore it so much). Sydney fashion is all about clean lines and classic silhouettes, with a focus on statement pieces and contemporary feminine style.

With fashion retailers such as CUE, Review, and Allanah Hill, there’s always plenty of choice for beautiful dresses and corporate wear. When it comes to handbags, you can’t beat Mimco which offers sturdy, beautifully glossy patent leather bags, variations of which hang on the arm of most women throughout town. Oh and Oroton! Can’t forget their beautifully classic bags and accessories either!

Although Sydney has a few hills here and there within the CBD, women still walk proudly in their stiletto heels, defying torrential rain, blazing sunshine, or whatever else the Australian weather throws at them, and they always look completely put together. Hands down, I would say Sydney women (and men for that matter) and by far the most stylish in Australia. Melbourne though, does come a close second though its fashions are very different to Sydney.

With the entire CBD full to the brim of places to shop, from High Street stores through to small independent boutiques (where the best stuff is always found!) you can spend a full day shopping in Sydney and never get bored. And if you do? Well, just head out to places like Parramatta or Liverpool who both have large retail districts too!

The People

Sydney people have a reputation for being rude, but this is so untrue. People from Sydney are actually the warmest, friendliest people I have ever met (and not just because I’m one of them). Opinionated? Yes. Rude? Hell no! The friends I have made throughout the years in Sydney are still friends whom I care for deeply.

Yes, Sydneysiders are busy and they walk fast and talk faster, but when you live in a large city brimming with people, you kinda have to. However, they will always make time for their friends, and not only old friends but new friends too, and making friends with them is incredibly easy – we’re always looking for new people to invite to our next bbq!

Although there may seem to be a divide between people from the North, South, and West of Sydney, or even due to which Rugby team you support, none of this really matter once we get to know each other. Being such a multicultural city, boundaries between cultures have ceased to exist over the years (for the most part), and it doesn’t matter where you are from – if you’re good value, then you’re a good friend.

Sydney is a place where if someone bumps into you, they’ll apologise. You smile at people as you pass them on the street, even if you don’t know them. You chat together on public transport as if you’ve grown up together. For such a large city, it’s amazing just how down to earth and friendly the people are.

Although I haven’t been back to Sydney for a few years now, I miss it everyday and can’t wait to show Ben my home town. Sure, we have no plans to move back because well, our lives are here in the UK, but I couldn’t imagine a better place to grow up, to have worked and lived. If Sydney isn’t on your travel bucket list yet, I think it’s time to update that list!

Have you ever been to Sydney? What do you think of my hometown?

xx Bry Jaimea


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